• Vision

    1. Kick-off Meeting

    Getting started: The first step is the initial meeting. Our role is to ask questions and listen to the client’s goal and objectives for the project. Engaging in active communication establishes expectations for the project as well as the client-architect partnership.


    2. Programming & Planning

    Diving deeper: Determining “what” should be designed is the purpose of Architectural Programming. As the client shares the key ingredients with us, we gain a better understanding of the project requirements. It is the recipe we will follow as we progress through the design process.


    3. Schematic Design

    Sketching: The schematic design phase is the beginning of “how” we solve the architectural program. We also identify possible challenges and solutions as we establish the basic design, shape and size of the building. Presenting the client with a choice of proposed design(s) concludes this phase.

    4. Design Development

    Visualizing: The project starts to come to life as the physical design of architectural style, 3D images, renderings, floor plans, building material and finishes are established. Another component of this phase is researching code compliance and engineering coordination to assure the design meets the standards.

    5. Construction Documents

    Drawing: During this phase the project will move forward from over-all design to specific documents which will be used for bidding, permitting and construction. These drawings include details and specifications of materials which provide information for vendors and consultants.

    6. Bidding & Permitting

    Pricing: We assist our clients with obtaining bids from general contractors that fit within the budget for the project. We also work closely with the city or county having jurisdiction to obtain the required permit(s) so that construction can begin.

    7. Construction

    Building: During construction, we represent our client’s best interest by observing construction activities, reviewing shop drawings, and responding to questions so that the construction of the project is consistent with the construction documents. We maintain a presence to confirm that the owner’s vision becomes a reality.